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About Whitemagic

White Magic was born out of our love for the Himalaya and a desire to share this love with the world.

Formed in 2010, White Magic is a mountain guiding service delivering meticulously planned, carefully curated and safely executed adventure trips to various corners of the Himalaya and to a few of the 7 Summits (outside the Indian sub-continent).

We manage end to end execution, including trip design, putting together equipment, logistic support, all done in house, by us, thus ensuring the highest performance and safety standards and consistent client experience that we are known for. For trips and expeditions outside the subcontinent we work with tried, tested and trusted local partners who share our same passion for impeccable delivery standards. 

Quality more than quantity, customer delight more than mere satisfaction are the guiding forces behind the strong and steady strides that we are making in the Mountain Guiding Landscape. 


Our belief!

We believe that adventurers world over share the common urge to experience remote, wild and beautiful locations, break out of self imposed limitations, overcome difficult odds and achieve challenging goals. The adventurer finds deep personal satisfaction, self realisation and peaks out on self confidence in this journey of pushing himself/herself beyond the realm of possibilities. It is White Magic's goal to help our clients experience these feelings, repeatedly, on their every outing with us.


Achieve your Adventure Goals in Comfort & Safety

We will help you to travel to wild and beautiful places that you have never gone to before, we will help you raise your mountain skills and personal resilience to the next level, to take calculated risks that you might hesitate to take on your own and so enable you to achieve your adventure.
For first timers in the mountains we offer holidays that combine modern creature comforts with the excitement of being in wild places. For trekkers we offer a number of spectacular multi-day treks with overnight tented accommodation and excellent food. For climbing enthusiasts we run specialised mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas and some other big mountains around the world.
Call us to discuss your adventure goals – our experienced and knowledgeable trip leaders will help you find a trip with just the right blend of challenge and enjoyment, while providing you with an opportunity to go to the next level.

Regions we can take you

The Himalayan Range

Himalaya, meaning “ snow abode” is an uninterrupted range of mountains and peaks that has long fascinated and challenged adventurers. While mountaineers look at it as an ultimate challenge, aspiring trekkers have it on their bucket list. Extending from West to the East in the form of a 2,500 km curve, people come to the Himalaya for many reasons -  to seek knowledge, solitude and enlightenment, adventure and challenge.




The 7 Summits

We are offering 3 of them (Dark Grey)


Peak Height



Our Culture

We are small team, but highly motivated and focused team working hard to spread our passion for the mountains with the world. We do not have designations, each person is responsible and accountable for the tasks he undertakes, there are no hierarchies and our working culture is extremely open and relaxed - like the outdoors. A place to give expression to your talents and desires - to try, to experiment and even fail! All we look for is an attitude to make things happen. We are a platform for mountain guides that never existed in India. A platform to learn, grow and push personal boundaries every time they venture out and eventually to build a fulfilling careers for ourselves.
Smaller Groups
Such terrains demand attention. The number of people in our groups do not go beyond 12, as we believe in giving each person an equal amount of attention. For us, it isn’t about taking more number of people in one go, but also about ensuring the safety of each person travelling with us. It is imperative that they experience every aspect as this once a lifetime opportunity and we are determined to make it count. We don’t comply with herd mentality.
Himalayan Specialist
Each of our guides has been handpicked and trained well in the outdoors and have mountaineering and wilderness first aid courses to their credit. There is an elaborate system in which they are continually updated about latest trends and given adequate exposure across several regions in the Himalaya. They are generally strong, knowledgeable, extremely capable and know how to keep calm and think straight, even during tough times. The rest of the staff who generally come from different parts of the Himalaya have also been trained well and work as a great team to deliver only the best in the mountains.
Quality guides and support staff
Our team consists of people who know the terrains bit by bit. We have made an attempt towards hiring guides from neighbouring villages of these mountains. Unlike most companies which are run by ‘arm-chair’ adventurers, White Magic has been built on the shoulders of actual mountain guides who have spent half their lives outdoors experiencing the terrains everyday. Being a guide of the mountains is what we love and do and choose to be identified with. We, with our rich hands-on knowledge about the mountains, understand the finer nuances of adventure travel and assure you an experience that though many might claim to replicate but very few actually can.
Aware and Alert
There aren’t policies in our country that keep a cap on the so-called ‘adventure companies’ that throng the market now. There could be a possibility that you might confuse us with ‘web companies’. They only focus on getting/ duping clients and then pass the database on to third-party trekking companies. They offer such great deals that it becomes irresistible for customers to not fall for the trap. They don’t care about safety measures or life, they are more bothered about the margin and the entire business is sub let to the ground operator. To add to that, the person leading you could be more bothered about profitability than life predictability. One must do a thorough research on guides, staff to client ratios, qualifications, experience of the leader, quality of the equipment used and more.
Eco Friendly
With increasing commercialisation of the whole adventure travel industry, it is really sad to witness the mountains getting crowded by insensitive trekkers and campers who are turning the pure wilderness into dumping grounds. We live in a fragile eco-system and have to respect the fact that any place cannot support more than a certain number of people without degrading itself. Awareness is also a part of our treks. We make our guests aware of “Leave No Trace” principles and ensure to leave all our campsites much cleaner than they previously were. Toilet tents with dry pits are used by the team at designated places for toilets. All organic and human waste is buried and any kind of solid waste is carried back to the road and properly disposed.
Support Staff
Big budget marketing is not our cup of tea. This being the case, we heavily depend on good word-of- mouth from happy clients. An unhappy client becomes our biggest loss. Hence, we strive to ensure our guest has a safe and wonderful experience in the mountains. Delivering friendly and professional staff is what can be expected on our trips. We also limit the number of guests to 12 for most trips, increasing to a maximum of 16 depending on the region; thereby improving on the whole customer experience. Big numbers diminish the personal connect apart from putting pressure on our fragile ecosystem. We vouch by customer service and are delighted when our very own clients become our biggest evangelists!
Trust Worthy
All our trips are run by certified guides. They are all trained mountaineers and certified in Wilderness First Aid. We have been approved by the Ministry of Tourism as Adventure Tour Operators. We have also been been approved by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) and are members of the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI). We have been listed among the ’10 Top Adventure Tour Operators in India’ by Outlook Traveler.
Safety - Our prime focus
Adventure travel consists of elements of risk, some seen and some unseen. Hence, everything we do and even plan revolves around a supreme mantra – SAFETY FIRST! This is the driving philosophy of our whole operations. We only put that on our plate which can be managed by us and is in sync with the capabilities of our home-groomed staff. All decisions, actions and thought processes are governed by this. Our endeavour is to provide a safe platform for clients where they can relish the joy of outdoors without anything hazardous blocking their way. We make sure we keep a tab on each aspect as far as running safe operations is concerned. Each building block is meticulously put in to planning a trip like the best window, equipment used, food served, training guides and seasonal field staff, last mile partners (taxis and horsemen), advice to clients and everything else that constitutes a safe trip.
Quality of equipment and foods
Initially, even when cash flows were the main concern, we never compromised on the equipment used during our trips. Now, as we have grown and progressed, we are picky about the equipment we buy and use during our mountain journeys. There is absolutely no scope for being reckless when it comes to equipment and hence we make it a point to the best ones available, not only for climbs but treks as well. Be it a good night’s sleep in extreme weather conditions, or tugged in a sleeping blanket around cover of three-feet deep snow, we do our homework thoroughly and carefully invest in the choicest of gear, both readymade and custom-made so that your trip runs without a hitch. Have a peek at the kind of tents and gear that you can expect during one of our trips.

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Responsible Travel

Travelling through a fragile natural and social ecosystem such as the Himalayas carries with it an important responsibility, whether one is on foot or in a vehicle. It is vital to adopt good eco-friendly practices to protect the natural and social ecology from being destroyed.


The mountains and forests are a precious Eco-system that our forefathers have passed down to us and which we, as Responsible Adventurers, must hand down to future generations in as pristine state as we found it. Being genuine outdoors men we are very proactive about preserving the environment we enjoy and work in. White Magic completely believes in the “take only memories, leave only footprints” philosophy and is very particular about leaving campsites and trails cleaner than we found them. We feel that the younger generations can contribute a lot to preserve the environment and we sensitize children and adults alike on trips by involving them in clean-up activities and educating them about preserving the environment. We consciously minimize the use of non-biodegradable materials on our trips. All non-biodegradable trash is collected separately and carried back to our bases for recycling through specialist agencies. Every year, at the end of the season, we  organize a clean-up trek on one of the busier trails, during which we collect and bring back a substantial amount of garbage left by other people. We also limit the number of trips we run in a particular area and also number of people who can join them. We constantly educate our staff, our customers and local people on Eco best practices and about preserving the environment.

Social Responsibility

The mountain regions where we conduct our adventure trips are filled with hundreds of mountain villages and small towns. These are usually under privileged with few opportunities for economic development and progress, other than tourism. White Magic employs local people as guides, cooks and porters and delivers training to several more as a contribution to the adventure tourism industry. We purchase local produce wherever we can – such as vegetables, fruit and food grains. We aim to give something back to the people of the region we work in. 5% of our annual profits are set aside each year to be ploughed back into selected community development programs. Our team is our biggest asset. All our guides, cooks and the support staff are part of the White Magic family. We strongly believe that a happy team makes customers happy. We pay our staff well above market standards, provide health and accident insurance and take care of their families as well. We operate a profit-sharing model where a percentage of annual profits is shared amongst employees. We work in a very friendly and professional environment and the company encourages career growth for its employees. Our people are sent for training and are given regular opportunities to grow on-the-job.


White Magic Foundation 

Adventure tourism is not about just about scaling heights, experiencing nature and getting back to city lives. We believe, if these activities are carried out in a responsible way, they can help foster economic development and progress that these regions need desperately. White Magic was born out of the love for mountains and consists of people who have come from different parts of the Himalayas. We have always been committed to the well-being of mountain cultures, communities and environment, and over the years have been making a contribution in our own little way.


In order to continue to do so, White Magic Foundation was set up after the 2013 floods in Uttarakhand during which many lost their lives and were left homeless. Many of our clients were concerned for those had been their guides, cooks and porters during treks, and at this time of misfortune, reached out to them through us. The White Magic Foundation is registered under the Societies Registration Act (SRA) and we couldn’t think of a better way to channelise our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities than this.


We have now identified projects that we associate with as a part of this program:


Community Building in Miyar Valley:

We have always believed that the Himalayan communities should benefit from our business. The fact that our entire team is local is a conscious effort towards the same. Our staff members hail from various corners of the Himalayas like, Ladakh, Garhwal, Kumaon, Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling. They are committed to supporting the Miyar Valley Project, where several initiatives will be guided towards helping the local population.


Nepal Earthquake relief:

In April 2015, White Magic was running two trips in Nepal when the earthquake devastated the country. After safely evacuating all the clients, our team contributed to sending relief material to remote corners of Nepal. The aim was to reach out to all those who were affected. In an attempt to do so, we assisted various Indian NGOs to make sure that all the relief material reached the people in the remote corners of the country. We also helped one of our staff members rebuild his house in the Langtang valley.