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About White Magic

White Magic delivers meticulously planned and safely executed adventure trips in the mountains.

We manage all trip logistics to ensure your safety, security and comfort. We offer friendly, personalised and professional service to deliver an unforgettable experience to all our customers whether they are first-time adventurers, experienced trekkers or mountaineers.

The entire White Magic team shares a deep passion for the mountains, the outdoors, and for exploration and adventure.

Our Belief

We believe that all adventurers the world over share an urge to experience remote, wild and beautiful places, to breakthrough self-imposed limitations, overcome difficult odds and achieve challenging goals. By stepping outside our comfort zones and by pushing ourselves beyond our known capabilities we find deep personal satisfaction, self-confidence and self-realisation. It is our goal to help our customers experience this special feeling again and again.

Achieve your Adventure Goals in Comfort and Safety

We will help you to travel to wild and beautiful places that you have never gone to before, we will help you raise your mountain skills and personal resilience to the next level, to take calculated risks that you might hesitate to take on your own and so enable you to achieve your adventure

For first timers in the mountains we offer resort-based holidays that combine modern creature comforts with the excitement of being in wild places. For trekkers we offer a number of spectacular multi-day treks with overnight tented accommodation and excellent food. For climbing enthusiasts we run specialised mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas and some other big mountains around the world.

Call us to discuss your adventure goals – our experienced and knowledgeable trip leaders will help you find a trip with just the right blend of challenge and enjoyment, while providing you with an opportunity to go to the next level.

Areas we operate in

Our trips are spread all over the Himalayan mountain range spanning across Indian Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan. In the Indian Himalayas we run trips in all corners of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim. We also run trips to Mt Kilimanjaro & Mt Aconcagua in alliance with trusted local partners.

Food on Trips

Our chefs and kitchen staff routinely produce a mouth-watering spread of tasty, hygienically cooked dishes at every meal. While trekking a nutritious and tasty packed lunch is provided. We offer Local, Chinese and Continental cuisines and use locally purchased produce. Our meals are carefully designed to be balanced, nutritious and tasty. The emphasis is on a high carbohydrate and largely vegetarian diet, which we have found is more easily digested in the mountains, especially at higher altitudes. We accommodate a wide variety of dietary preferences and have even served gluten free food on occasion. Meal helpings are generous and the drinks and snacks are always plentiful. We provide you with ample safe drinking water throughout a trip – the water is collected from known clean and sources and is then boiled, cooled with a dash of iodine added as an precautionary measures.

Our Equipment

We use the highest standard of equipment on all our trips. On our climbing trips we use only UIAA / CE tested climbing equipment. All our equipment undergoes regular preventive maintenance. On treks we offer spacious three-men dome tents on twin- sharing basis so that you have enough personal space along with your equipment. You will be provided with foam mattresses inside the tents to sleep on. All trekking trips include toilet tents (dry pit), spacious kitchen tent and a dining tent with tables and camp stools. All on all the trips going to altitudes above 5000m we carry a PAC (Portable Altitude Chamber) and Pulse Oximeters. An exhaustive first aid kit is always carried by the trip leader. With large groups the front and the rear are always covered by our team members equipped with Walkie-Talkie radios.



The mountains beckon, with their silvery summits, dancing streams and scented breezes whispering through lush and pristine forests. Let your senses come alive, recharge your spirit and rediscover the natural legacy that is yours...

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